Today, there were events all around Europe to block ACTA.

In Paris, the protest started at Place de la Bastille :

APRIL was present, with in particular its president Lionel Allorge, and two members who wore the traditional anti-DRM suit :

Jérémie Zimmermann from La Quadrature du Net gave a speech and urged people to contact their legal representatives, in addition to protesting in the street :

The protest was cheerful and free of violence :

It got decent media coverage :

Notable places it crossed include Place des Victoires :

and Palais Royal, where it ended :

Next protest is in 2 weeks, on March 10th. Update your agenda!

Yeah. Sure. All around Europe. :)
Comment by Anonymous Sat Feb 25 21:14:57 2012

Not sure I got your remark? Of course I couldn't cover more than one of these events personally :P

Comment by beuc Sun Feb 26 11:04:04 2012

Nice pics Beuc ! I'll try to be here next time :)

Comment by Anonymous Mon Feb 27 20:53:57 2012