FreeGLUT on Android

The OpenGL ES port of FreeGLUT is progressing :)

Now we have:

  • Basic Android/EGL port

  • Full X11/EGL port (using Mesa EGL), so we can test GLES on desktop :)

  • Geometry functions: upgrade from glBegin to glVertexPointer and GLES compatibility (triangulation). We also plan to provide shaders-compatible (OpenGL >= 2) geometry functions.

In addition, the work is available in the official repository!

Question: Mesa and Android ship GLES 1&2 in separate libraries. So at first glance, we'll have to ship 3 FreeGLUT builds:

  • / .a

  • / .a with -DFREEGLUT_GLES2 (-lGLESv2 + GLES2/gl2.h)

  • / .a with -DFREEGLUT_GLES1 (-lGLESv1_CM + GLES/gl.h)

Though, EAGL (on iPhone) can initialize either GLES 1 or 2 at run-time. Maybe it's possibly to do that by dlopen'ing the GLES library dynamically, but this won't work for static builds - and make distro packagers cringe unless I'm mistaken ;)

Do you think there's a way to provide a unified version?