Escoria, the point-and-click system for the Godot game engine, is now working again with the latest Godot (3.2).

Godot is a general-purpose game engine. It comes with an extensive graphic editor with skeleton and animation support, can create all sorts of games and mini-games, making it an interesting choice for point-and-click's.

The Escoria point-and-click template provides notably a dialog system and the Esc language to write the story and interactions. It was developed for the Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy crowdfunded game and later released as free software. A community is developing the next version, but the current version has been incompatible with the current Godot engine. So I upgraded the game template as well as the Escoria in Daïza tutorial game to Godot 3.2. Enjoy!

HTML5 support is still lacking, so I might get a compulsive need to fix it in the future ;)