I searched forever for a way to just build the examples in the Android NDK, preferably from the command line. Here's how.

First step: build the C++ code:

cd /usr/src/android-ndk-r6/samples/san-angeles/

Simple enough.

Second step:

You will then need to generate your final .apk through the usual means. -- Android NDK Dev Guide

Thanks a ****ing lot!

In addition the documentation is very much Eclipse-centered - and I can't be bothered to install and configure all the Eclipse stack for a mere Java wrapper for the above-generated .so file XD

We first need to use the 'android' wrapper and download the "SDK Platform Android 2.2, API 8, revision 3" - aka "android-8", the first environment to support OpenGL ES 2.


It appears we first need to "manage the project", more precisely import from an existing project:


So we create a project by importing the sources from the current directory:

/usr/src/android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/android update project \
  --name san-angeles --path . --target "android-8"

Then we use ant to build the thing:


apt-get install ant openjdk-6-jdk
ant debug  # avoid messing with signing

We now have a bin/san-angeles-debug.apk and we can run it in the emulator. Create a new "Virtual device" using the "android-8" platform we downloaded above, and launch it. Given the time needed to boot the OS, I suggest enabling snapshots. Scaling to display resulted in a very tiny, dark and slow display, in a first step I suggest using a non-scaled one.


At last we can run it! Install it in the emulator:

/usr/src/android-sdk-linux_x86/platform-tools/adb install -r bin/san-angeles-debug.apk

You'll find a DemoActivity in your apps directory :)

Note: I tried to compile the "hello-gl2", showcasing OpenGL ES 2.0, but sadly it crashes:

Sorry! The application GL2JNI (process com.android.gl2jni) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

The emulator apparently doesn't advertise EGL_OPENGL_ES2_BIT (checked in in GL2JNIView.java). If you try to by-pass it, you'll get loads of:

E/libEGL ( 333): called unimplemented OpenGL ES API

It's worth noting the OpenGLES20 sample from the "API Demos" application uses a fall-back OpenGL ES 1 renderer if v2 is not available - it made me mistakenly believe that OpenGL ES 2 was supported only from Java >(

OpenGL ES 2 is not supported in the emulator as of 2011-09-17 - period.